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        Photo credit: NATALIE ANFIELD


John Visser Saddles

"I whole heartedly endorse Visser Saddles because I've been riding them and Cowboyin' on them for 35 years.


When John made my first Visser saddle in 1987, I put it on a horse and went to work, Cowboying on some of the largest ranches in B.C..

It graced hundreds of horses' back, and never sored a one... I was extremely impressed with the quality of tooling an old-school craftsmanship that went into what I was to call my 'home' for the rest of my career as a cowboy. 

What I immediately noticed with that saddle, and all the other Vissers I would eventually ride, was the balance it provided. So well balanced, that I'm able to sit with pelvis upright and heels under that line, allowing the horse to gather up and round up naturally without me being in his way. This epitomizes how the ultimate saddle should be and equates to better horsemanship.

To watch John work on his trees (which he builds himself), with painstaking care, and shape the ground seat to custom fit the individual rider, is the classic definition of craftsmanship; this knowledge gleaned from decades of experience. Visser saddles has kept me and all my horses happy, working long days in the saddle for nearly four decades. To sum it up...perfection."


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