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Miles Kingdon's New Book...on your favorite online bookstore & Amazon 

Travel into the untamed countryside of Southern Saskatchewan and on to the big outfits of British Columbia with Miles as he shares colorful tales of what it means to be a cowboy.

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Now Available!

Offering workshops on:      ~ Horsemanship 

                                              ~ Stockmanship

                                              ~ Ranch Roping

                                              ~ Hackamore 


 From his earliest cowboying days over 40 years ago on the vast Canadian prairie pasture lands of the PFRA, to British Columbia's historic big cow outfits, Miles Kingdon has certainly worn out his share of custom saddles.  His formative years spent at Douglas Lake Cattle Company, under such respected horsemen as Stan Murphy and cattlemen Mike Ferguson and Orval Roulston, set the stage for later lead-off positions at large established commercial ranches in the Nicola Valley. 

 Notably, Miles held cowboss positions on the Bar K and the Gang Ranch; he was the manager   at Empire Valley Ranch, and eventually served ten years as manager of cattle operations at  Quilchena Cattle Company near Merritt, B.C. 

 The geographical diversity of these big outfits, from rough desert river breaks to sensitive bunchgrass valleys; from endless sections of golden prairie grassland, to the unique grazing found above British Columbia's timberline, has provided Miles with a true cowboy's grasp of practical horsemanship and livestock handling in all weather conditions, in all possible circumstances.


 It is throughout these 40+ years in the industry and the study of the Vaquero Horsemanship that Miles has recognized the true meaning of an equine partnership built on trust, confidence and respect.

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Rob Dinwoodie -Artist

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