In addition to these workshops, Miles offers one day workshops, private and semi private lessons.  Please contact us for further information. Private and semi private lessons can be held at Orange Valley (1/2 hour south of Merritt), or if you wish, arranged at a venue of your choice within traveling distance.

Workshop Schedule 2021



May 13   (private/semi-private lessons at Big Sky Stables)

May 14-16  "The Bridled Stockhorse Series"   (with cattle) 

      Big Sky Stables, Kamloops, BC

       David:     ph. 250.377.5996


May 20  (private/semi-private lessons at 134 Mile)

May 21   "Horsemanship with Intro to Ranch Roping"

May 22-23   "Stockmanship" (with cattle)

       134 Mile House, BC   (1/2 hour south of Williams Lake)


May 27 (private/semi-private lessons open to public)

May 28-30 Swann Ridge, Quesnel, BC   ~PRIVATE WORKSHOP~

June 4 (private/semi-private lessons) 

June 5-6 "Horsemanship with Cattle"

         Old Baldy Ranch, Cutbank, BC  (25 minutes SW of Dawson Creek)   

         Rachel:        ph.  250.886.7595

June  TBA    (private/semi-private lessons)

June    "Horsemanship with Cattle"   

         Thiessen Bros. Ranch, Buick Creek, BC     

         Louise:     ph. 250.793.2624

June 18 (private/semi-private lessons)

June 19-20 "Introduction to Stockmanship"  (with cattle)

          Rockin' Star Ranch, Pritchard, BC


July 1 (private/semi-private lessons)

July 2-4  "Bridled Stockhorse Series"  (with cattle)

        Big Sky Stables, Kamloops, BC

        Dave:  ph. 250.377.5996

July 16  (private/semi-private lessons)

July 17-18   "Bridled Stockhorse" (with cattle)

        7/2 Diamond Ranch,   (35 minutes south of Merritt, BC)


July 30  (private/semi-private lessons)

July 31-Aug 1    "Advancing The Bridled Stockhorse" (with cattle)

         Rockin' Star Ranch, Pritchard, BC


Aug 5  (private/semi-private lessons)

Aug 6-8    "Introduction to Ranch Roping"  (with cattle)

         Big Sky Stables, Kamloops, BC

         Dave:     ph. 250.377.5996

Aug 13   "Horsemanship"

Aug 14-15   "Hackamore to The Bridle"

Aug 16 (private/semi private lessons)

         XTC Ranches, Eastend, SK

         Byron:    ph. 306.661.0145

Aug 20   TBA

Aug 21-22    "Introduction to Stockmanship"   (with cattle)

         Dancing Grouse Ranch, Mossbank, SK

         Holly:  ph. 306.260.1012 (phone or text)

Aug 26    (private/semi-private lessons)

Aug 27   "Horsemanship"

Aug 28-29   "Hackamore to The Bridle"

         Bruce Christie Horses, Cowley, AB

         Stacey:     ph. 403.682.7048

Sept 3   (private/semi-private lessons)

Sept 4-5    "Introduction to Stockmanship"  (with cattle)

                    TBA     Airdrie, AB

Sept 11-12   TBA

          Rockin' Star Ranch, Pritchard, AB

Sept 17   (private/semi-private lessons)

Sept 18-19   "Bridled Stockhorse"  (with cattle)

         7/2 Diamond Ranch,  (35 minutes south of Merritt, BC)




                                                  Keep checking back for more dates!!

illustration by Rob Dinwoodie

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