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In addition to these workshops, Miles offers one day workshops, private and semi private lessons.  Please contact us for further information. Private and semi-private lessons can be held at Orange Valley Ranch (1/2 hour south of Merritt), or if you wish, arranged at a venue of your choice within traveling distance.

Workshop Schedule 2023



April 20-23     3-Day Camp @ Orange Valley Ranch  (private)

April 27-30     3-Day Camp @ Orange Valley Ranch  (private)

May 4-7     3-Day Camp @ Orange Valley Ranch  (private)

May 11-14     3-Day Camp @ Orange Valley Ranch (private)

May 19 Lessons @ Mile 0 Arena (private/semi-private:

May 20-21  "Intro to Ranch Roping"

Mile 0 Arena, Lillooet, BC

     John:  ph. 604.902.8455

May 25 Lessons @ Big Sky Stables (private/semi-private:

May 26-28  "Bridled Stockhorse"  (with cattle)

Big Sky Stables, Kamloops, BC  

     Dave:   ph. 250.377.5996

June 7 Lessons @ 134 Mile House (private/semi-private:

June 8 "Ranch Roping"    

June 9-10, "Stockmanship" (with cattle)

     Jasmine:  ph. 250.981.9920

June 16  Lessons @ Rock N Star Ranch

June 17-18  "Introduction to Stockmanship"

Rock N Star Ranch, Pritchard, BC



June 22  Lessons @ Big Sky Stables  (private/semi-private:

June 23-25 "Bridled Stockhorse with Ranch Roping" (with cattle)

Big Sky Stables, Kamloops, BC  

   Dave:   ph. 250.377.5996 


July 21  Lessons @ Rock N Star Ranch

July 22-23  "Advancing the Stockhorse" (with cattle)

Rock N Star Ranch, Pritchard, BC


Aug  4-6 "SKILLS OF THE OUTFIT-East of the Rockies"


Aug 11 Lessons @ Bruce Christie Horses

Aug 12-13 "Developing the Bridled Stockhorse"

Bruce Christie Horses, Cowley, AB (auditors welcome)

      Stacey:   ph. 403.682.7048

Aug 18 Lessons @ Debden, SK

Aug. 19-20 "Developing the Bridled Stockhorse" (with cattle)

       Dave:   ph. 306.941.8927


Aug 24-25  "Horsemanship and Stockmanship" (with cattle)

Walker Farms, Bordon, SK      (auditors welcome)

        Lance:  ph. 306.827.7768

Sept 1  Lessons @ Anchor B Arena & Livestock

Sept 2-3 "The Bridled Stockhorse" (no cattle) (auditors welcome)

Anchor B Arena & Livestock, Bowden, AB

       Julie:   ph. 587.777.1828

Sept 15   Lessons @ 7 Half Diamond Ranch (private/semi-private lessons)                         

Sept 16-17  "Bridled Stockhorse"  (with cattle)       (auditors welcome)

         7/2 Diamond Ranch,  (35 minutes south of Merritt, BC)


Sept 22-24    "SKILLS OF THE OUTFIT-West of the Rockies"


Sept. 28-Oct. 1     3-Day Camp @ Orange Valley Ranch    (private)

Oct. 5-8     3-Day Camp @ Orange Valley Ranch    (private)

Oct. 12-15   3-Day Camp @ Orange Valley Ranch    (private)



                                                 Keep checking back for more dates!!

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